Feature : Sales are on !

Usually, December is the month when I wear my brand new coat for the first time. But what happened to the traditional winter under-zero temperatures? Where is the snow? When will I be able to use my scarf and gloves? This winter has been one of the hottest we have ever been through. So far, experts have been wondering about climatic changes. Since last Wednesday, French people have discovered the good side of higher temperatures.

8 o’clock that Wednesday. The sales are to begin. Massive crowds have already gathered before the department stores’ windows, waiting for the guard to open them. Comfortable snickers and a back-pack, this is the basic outfit of a professional shopper. The aim is to be mobile, stealthy, light, and able to wander from one department to another.
You would be right to ask me the connection with climatic changes. Well, let me make my point. Hot winter means no need for wool-made coats, turtleneck sweaters and velvet pants. So, stores have to get rid of their winter collection items. I can hear women be jubilant when they finally understand where I was going to, talking about temperatures and sales. Yes, stores have to sell off their winter clothing before they put up for sale the summer collection. That is why French stores placard sales up to 80% discount!!

As I am both French and a woman, I decided that it was legitimate for me to try my luck in the largest Parisian stores. So here I am, choosing the best shoes, checking my wallet for my credit card and calling some friends to get some company. Indeed, sometimes, having a friend with you to shop can be a very good idea. It enables you to create an effect of mass and impress your fellow shoppers. And if this friend is a very close friend of yours, you can even share a fitting room to gain time.
Enough talking now. It is time to go shopping and make great deals!! I decided to move towards the greatest department stores area, Saint-Lazare.
When in the subway, I realised I had been pre-empted by many people. Shopaholics are aware that the perfect items, the right shoe size, the always-wanted but too expensive pair of jeans are only available for a very short period of time. So the sooner, the better, that’s my motto.
What I like in the subway, when you are on your way to the stores, is that look people give to the others carrying big shopping bags. In that look, you can read “what did you buy? Where? How much?” and you start to get anxious. Will I make a good deal? There is one thing you can be sure about when shopping during the sales: you’ll never get back home with empty hands.
Once outside the subway, I am overwhelmed by a wave of shoppers in a rush, slaloming one another. The sales are displayed in every window, announcing discounts from 40 to 80%, flashing colours call for tempted people to come in. I don’t know where to start; I am confused by so many places to go, so many clothes to try on and compare with each other before I make my choice.

Some novices believe that the caricatured image of women wrestling for a skirt with a 50% discount is a myth. It is not, let me tell you about that. I was still hesitating about an elegant black coat I had previously noticed in a store. But there was only one left and, as luck would have it, it was my size. So I decided to try it on and think about the purchase while keeping on shopping. Sales professionals would notice that this is the best idea when you find something of your size. Keep it as long as you shop and THEN think about buying it. I hardly put it on my shoulders than I located another interested young girl. She followed me as I was wandering from a department to another. When I looked at her, she acted like she was not following me by interest. But I knew what she was doing. She was simply waiting for me to give the coat up so that she could take it.
Same for the shoes. Some women would be ready to take one of your own used shoes in hostage if you dared picking up the last brown-size 6 boots they were looking for.
After a long and hard day of shopping, I decided it was time to go home. I know, you’re wondering if I got home with empty hands or with a large bunch of bags. Well, I guess you know my answer.

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