Don't judge the guy by his look.

Here he comes, swimming in washed-out baggy pants and hidden under a grey-striped bonnet. A few locks from his brown curly hair sticking up from under his hat enclose his large sky-blue eyes. He has circles under his eyes. He may have sleeping problems.
He seems to be the kind of low-profile guys. The kind that blushes whenever someone talks to them. The bumbling kind.

That guy, this is Benoit. Lives far from Paris; takes the train every morning, every evening; previously studied anthropology, graduated in European politics; fancies indie rock; likes to party.
Who would have thought that this 5’6” tall guy, looking so shy was actually a sociable party-man, caring, interested in many various items from French fries to foreign government members? Don’t hesitate to ask him which Chinese restaurant makes the best raviolis or who the current minister for religious cult, he will probably be glad to help you.

Benoit is garrulous but he is someone worth listening. He grew up as grew his love for chosen words. He’s got repartee and can sometimes be cynical but in a respectful way. He can mingle with every kind of people and soon become an indispensable member of a group, without pretension or hypocrisy. He is a bit liable but who isn’t?

Sensitive, handsome, interesting, affectionate, this would be a rather accurate description of who might be the perfect friend. Benoit is definitely up for the challenge.
However, there is something I could blame Benoit for…my girlfriend shares the same opinion about him!

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